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Principal Broker — ABR, ALC, CSP, GRI, REIA
Jody Deamer & Company, PC
Ogden, Utah


"People today don't want to be bothered," explained Jody Deamer, a broker at one of Northern Utah's fastest-growing independent real estate agencies. His 20 years' experience has taught him most people "want to sit at home in their pajamas and look for homes when they're ready."

Knowing that people are privately viewing multiple homes online before contacting him, Jody knows how important it is to use professional photography to make sure his listings look great, "TourFactory photography gets people excited about a property."

Eliminate guesswork

Jody also adds floor plans to many of his tours to "take some of the guesswork away," and impress buyers and sellers alike with these unique features. Matterport 3D floor plans and interactive, traditional floor plans also help Jody meet the marketing expectations of high-end sellers. When there is someone who expects a deluxe marketing plan for their "unique" property, tour enhancements such as floor plans satisfy this need.

TourFactory resonates with Jody's younger, tech-savvy clients, too. The growth of the nearby "Little Silicon Valley" produces clients who are young and inclined to "do it themselves." Having online listings that include industry-leading technology and a variety of tour features makes TourFactory "the perfect fit for these high-tech clients."

Offer an immediate response

With many people today expecting an immediate response, it's vital for "agents to be able to access whatever they need, on the go, and at that very moment." Jody appreciates that TourFactory provides him with the accessibility and ease of use he needs.

During listing presentations, he often invites potential sellers to pull up his listings on YouTube and "all my past and present listings come up and the client can view tours on their own device at that very moment." Jody says it's this kind of immediacy that impresses sellers and "it usually closes the deal."

Get a great return on your investment

When Jody gives advice to new agents, he tells them, "You'll want to use TourFactory, it's going to help you market yourself and represent yourself to your clients." He also advises against agents ever taking their own photos because "they won't like they've done, and their clients will hate it."

"TourFactory frees up a tremendous amount of my time to do the things that are most important for my business," Jody explains, and "professional photography makes me look professional, too. It's worth every penny."