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AN INTERVIEW WITH mark strüb, überAGENT®

STRUB RESIDENTIAL | owner + principal REALTOR®
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Top 10 ranking, Austin Business Journal
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Mark Strüb has high standards for the quality of his online marketing. Back in 2008, before he had established himself as a top-producing Austin realtor with pages of satisfied customer reviews, he was "desperate" to find a professional photographer and marketing partner who shared his commitment to brand excellence.

"I had been working with a couple of different vendors in the Austin area, and they were always falling short of my expectations," he explained. After receiving another set of poor photos that "didn't do justice" to the craftsmanship of an important, high-end listing, Mark knew he had to make a change, "I had to step it up quick or I was going to lose that client."

Mark reached out to TourFactory provider Chris Diaz and her team at Shutterbug Studios, and he laughs as he remembers, "Chris came riding in on her white horse to save the day."

Exceptional photography, great customer service

"Chris was personable and charming and she made recommendations about the staging of the home. It was a very collaborative approach, which is something I've appreciated about Chris from day one. She suggested twilight photos for the listing, which turned out amazing, and the customer experience and photo quality were exactly what I had been searching for."

Since then, Chris and her Shutterbug team have photographed every Strüb Residential listing, "We've grown our businesses together, and I cannot explain to you how much I appreciate the attention to detail and presence on the job. I'm always impressed with the photography and the platform, and sellers often say the photos look better than the house does in person."

Staying "ahead of the curve"

TourFactory syndication, weekly analytics and early adoption of new technologies all support Mark's efforts to "stay ahead of the curve" and market effectively, "Real estate is an industry that keeps changing. Our marketing has to constantly evolve to keep people engaged."

"Everyone is shopping online first, and if it doesn't look good and engage people online, buyers aren't going to show up at the door. There's no doubt that my partnership with Shutterbug and TourFactory helps my listings and my brand, and I wouldn't be where I am without them."