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Allen Tate Co®, Realtor®, Broker and New Home Specialist — Raleigh, North Carolina
Assisted more than 700 clients with home transactions totaling more than $70 million


Who doesn't love a great story? Stories inspire us, they engage us and they leave a lasting impression. We all know this, and Gretchen Coley thinks in today's hurried, digitized world, it's become even more important to give people a story and vision they can connect with, "There's so much digital media everywhere, I think people just want somebody to talk to them again."

"It's my job to find something to fall in love with in every home and tell that story," Gretchen explained. She works to "bring listings to life" in Raleigh, North Carolina, and shares excitement about properties through video storytelling and narration that communicates "the vision of how a family can live in a house and become part of a community."


Multimedia storytelling

Gretchen works closely with Kyle Santee, TourFactory professional videographer and member of Kyle Ketchel's VisualProperties team, to produce tours seamlessly integrating video storytelling, professional photos and drone and aerial images. Creative collaboration helps "get people to step out of their comfort zones to create something different," and her homes sell more quickly as a result, "Nearly every house with a video has sold within 7-10 days of being listed."

According to Gretchen, TourFactory is "doing everything right with video," and even though it does take a lot of time to write and prepare for shoots, she is "impressed by the professionalism and how easy the process is."

"Talking to people" with video

Like other business skills, learning to be comfortable on-camera was a skill Gretchen worked hard to perfect, "It's a learned and practiced skill, and you just keep trying until you get it right." Real estate is a "conversation business," and she says, "It's not like you can hide, you're always talking to people. Video is the same thing, you're talking to people, only now you're in front of a camera."

Head and shoulders above the competition

Gretchen stands out in her market, not only because she's an engaging storyteller, but also due to the "incredible exposure" video offers. Being on-screen frequently creates more opportunities for personal engagement and an ongoing way to establish brand excellence.

"TourFactory helps agents who want to look professional stand head and shoulders above everyone else," she explains. With high expectations about the presentations she believes her homes deserve, she appreciates how easy it is to partner with TourFactory to create something stunning.

"Especially in real estate, where so many things are difficult, TourFactory makes it easy to put my best foot forward and look phenomenal."