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With a master's degree in social work and 15 years' real estate experience, Holly Barr knows just how important it is to have a "village" in life — and in her real estate business.

Holly created Willow Glen Charm, a community-based Facebook group dedicated to events and happenings in the Willow Glen community and it fulfills her desire to give back to her local neighborhood. Passionate about her "village," she actively plans some local events, coordinates others and donates time to promoting the rest. Through this commitment to being actively involved in her neighborhood, Holly's real estate brand receives a significant amount of online exposure.

Benefits of professional partnerships

Maintaining Willow Glen Charm is a labor of love that requires a lot of Holly's time. It also provides Holly with an active, online presence that has made her a recognizable and respected real estate professional in her area, "Willow Glen Charm is huge, and it probably generates about 75% of my business."

With much of Holly's time dedicated to client relationships and maintaining Willow Glen Charm, she seeks out professional partnerships that will save her time and provide amazing results. Holly partners with TourFactory to get the high-quality services and seamless experience she needs.

Holly works closely with TourFactory photographer and videographer Blake Cardoza to include professional photography in all her listings. Blake's accessibility, beautiful photography and effective communication provide value to her business, "I don't have time for extra phone calls to get things set up, but Blake's very accessible and makes things simple for me."

The value of automation and analytics

Behind-the-scenes automation and syndication also support Holly's online marketing efforts, "So many things just happen automatically with TourFactory." Automated syndication allows Holly to feel confident her listings are being shared effectively online and professional photography ensures they look beautiful.

Holly also appreciates the access to tour analytics and data, "I really love the stats and tour view information that TourFactory sends. Not only do I know how many views a tour is getting, but where those views come from." She shares this information with clients, and evaluates the information herself to refine her own online marketing direction.

The online experience people want

Holly is committed to providing people with the online experience they want. Through Willow Glen Charm, she offers people the opportunity to connect with members of their "village" through local events and activities. Through partnering with TourFactory, she creates a beautiful online experience that draws people in and engages them to stay.

"With TourFactory, the professionalism is fantastic and the experience is seamless," she explains. "People want their online experience to be easy, fast, beautiful and attention-grabbing. TourFactory provides people with this kind of experience."